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Phi Phi Island in December 2010 and January 2011

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Iew From The Baxil Restaurant Zeavola Resort

Peak season is both the best weather and the busiest time on Phi Phi Island. Peak season is the time when Phi Phi Island is bubbling with visitors all enjoying the best of everything. The tours, restaurants and bars are full of people having fun and it makes for a truly joyous atmosphere. It's a great time to let your hair down and do what you want, whether it is exploring the best Phi Phi attractions or taking in some fine dining at Le Grand Blue or hanging out on the beaches

Cooler and drier air comes down from the continental Asia and brings about dry weather with a day time temperature of 32-35 degrees C and a night time temperature of 22-26 degrees C.

The hotels often have a peak season price difference and it makes this the most expensive time to travel. However as the time coincides with the best weather in Phi Phi, school holidays, worst weather in the northern Hemisphere, this really is a sweet spot and most desirable

Last Updated: 05 Sep 2011