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Coming Around A Boulder; Black Tip Reef Shark In The Phi Phi Shark Watch Snorkel Tour

Koh Phi Phi sharks are a big draw to anyone interested in diving, snorkeling or swimming the sea or coral reefs. They are also the stuff of fear and phobias so the whale shark, leopard shark and black tip reef shark stir the imagination of many who come to the islands.

There are no dangerous Koh Phi Phi sharks. The Tiger shark, Hammerhead shark and Great White shark do not inhabit the Andaman sea and certainly not around Koh Phi Phi. So although the curiosity, excitement and adventure is still very present, divers, snorkelers and swimmers are not in fear of their lives.

Koh Phi Phi sharks inhabit the deeper water around Koh Phi Phi Ley, Koh Bid Nai, Koh Bida Noi the main islands to the south of the main Koh Phi Phi accommodation island, Koh Phi Phi Don. On the more remote western cliffs of Koh Phi Phi Don there are some sightings but these are a lot rarer.

The exception to all this are Koh Phi Phi sharks at Long beach and Mosquito Island.

Koh Phi Phi sharks Black Tip Reef Sharks

Black Tip Reef Sharks congregate at Long Beach (on Koh Phi Phi Don) at Hin Phae or Shark Point in the morning as the sun comes up. These shark skim the shallows over the rolled and broken coral (caused by the action of the low season waves) and hunt down mullet and squid their favourite food of choice. These streamlined and elegant predators can be seen with simple snorkel equipment and are in fact, scared off by scuba divers and their bubbles. These timid creatures are best scene on the Shark Watch snorkel tour. This classic tour takes swimmers out to see the Black Tip Reef Sharks, some as large as 2m long.

Koh Phi Phi sharks Whale Sharks

The Koh Phi Phi sharks that has the strongest pull is the mammoth Whale shark. The benign Whale shark can grow up to 14 meters long and is a filter feeder that eats large quantities of plankton and krill. Around Phi Phi they tend to be 6-9 meters long. These graceful creatures glide up and down their migratory routes which are basically to the Thai border with Malaysia and up to Burma and beyond. They follow the plankton plumes.

Around Phi Phi they are seen down at the Hin Daeng dive site in season which is from December till May. Hin Daeng is 45 minutes speedboat drive towards Koh Rok Nok, a deep 60 meter outcrop strictly for advanced divers. The migration takes them up around Koh Bid Nai, Koh Bida Noi, Koh Phi Phi Ley, Koh Phi Phi Don and then up to Phuket Shark Point.

It can be luck catching a glimpse of the beautiful whale shark. I haven’t seen one in 30 years of diving. However on Koh Phi Phi, people graduating on the PADI open water have seen them on their first dive! Most of the Koh Phi Phi instructors and dive masters see them every year.

Koh Phi Phi sharks Leopard Shark

The Leopard Shark is one of Koh Phi Phi most common sharks. Spotted like the animal leopard, this shark has a more bull mouth rather than the sleek and traditional pointed jaw line. As a crustacean eater it can often be found waiting for it's prey on the sandy bottom near the reefs. As you approach these docile sharks they swim away. They grow up to 2 meters long around Koh Phi Phi and are mainly found at Koh Bid Nai, Koh Bida Noi, Koh Phi Phi Ley, Gareng Heng, and Phuket Shark Point.

Koh Phi Phi sharks Information

More Koh Phi Phi sharks and diving information can be found at the Koh Phi Phi diving guide and the attractions guide. As you survey the differing articles and guides you see there is an incredible amount to see and do and the presence of Koh Phi Phi Shark just adds to energy of a trip out to the island.

Last Updated: 28 May 2012