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Many men and women fall in love with diving and snorkeling and try to plan diving holidays or snorkeling holidays. As they research destinations for the ultimate diving holidays or snorkeling holidays they undoubtedly stumble on Phi Phi Island.

Phi Phi Island is a tiny group of islands off the coast of Thailand that boast some of the most spectacular diving and snorkelling in the region and beyond. The wonderful coral reefs around the islands are among the best in the world.

An amazing array of underwater life is at your fingertips or fin tips as the case may be when you go for diving holidays or snorkeling holidays on Phi Phi Island. You will see star corals, stunning anemones and anemone fish, stag horns, blue-striped snappers in stunning schools, octopus, large moray eels, leopard sharks and much more when you go diving or snorkelling.

Whether you choose to spend several days on Phi Phi Island at one of the great Phi Phi Island hotels or Phi Phi Resorts or you day trip to Phi Phi Island from nearby Phuket or Krabi, you will find some of the best diving and snorkeling in the area.

There are many dive centres to help get you certified so you can enjoy diving while at Phi Phi Island and for a lifetime. Many experienced divers visit Phi Phi Island year after year to enjoy its beautiful beaches, incredible sights, sounds and tastes and to partake in some wonderful diving and snorkeling.

Diving Holidays And Snorkeling Holidays For All Skill Levels

You do not have to be a highly experienced diver to enjoy Phi Phi Island diving. You can get the instruction you need from a Phi Phi Dive schools and become certified while on a wonderful vacation. For those who are experienced or highly experienced you can plan each dive and enjoy new and exciting sites every day of your diving holiday on Phi Phi Island.

This island paradise is the perfect place to recharge your batteries, enjoy some wonderful activities, have some great meals and bask in the glorious sun. The legendary Beaches of Phi Phi Island are the perfect place for you to enjoy a wonderful holiday while the diving is perfect for those planning diving holidays or snorkeling holidays.

Last Updated: 02 Mar 2010

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Grumpy face of a Stone Fish in the Phi Phi Islands
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Stone Fish on a Phi Phi Scuba Diving Center dive trip
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