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Phi Phi Island Accommodation | Bungalows on Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi bungalows fit together a perfect holiday in this one in a million islands. Bungalow accommodation has the privacy and surrounding space that a hotel doesn't afford and part of the reason that you come to Koh Phi Phi is to experience some of the best natural scenery so it is right to seek out the best accommodation.

Phi Phi Relax Beach Resort

Phi Phi Relax Beach Resort


Koh Phi Phi bungalows come in a few main varieties. These are the luxury bungalow, the beachfront bungalow and inland and budget bungalow. As you can imagine their respective styles, quality and ambiance vary greatly but in high season, the island is full, and this testifies to a demand for all these types of accommodation.

Koh Phi Phi is a relatively small island covered by 90% mountain so all the bungalows resorts are either in or near the main Phi Phi Don Village or hugging the coastline on the slender beaches that sit below the slopes.

Luxury Koh Phi Phi bungalows

The luxury Koh Phi Phi bungalows are Zeavola Phi Phi Resort, Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island and the Phi Phi Island Village Resort And Spa. Although they are called villas, beachfront rooms, suite rooms etc., they are essentially standalone accommodation. These luxury bungalows give seclusion in wonderful resorts and the complete accommodation package of great functionality, position and beautiful decor,

Beachfront Koh Phi Phi bungalows

All accommodation used to be beachfront Koh Phi Phi bungalows. As time has moved on some low rise resorts have grown up inland (below the coconut height). However the Andaman Beach Resort is the highly popular 3 star resort on the edge of Phi Phi Don Village. It has a mixture of air-conditioned and fan room accommodation and a great pool for families. The beachfront Phi Phi Relax Beach Resort is on it's own beach on Runtee Bay, cut off from the rest of the island and a tremendous throwback to the 1990s with some 21st century flourishes. It has it's coral reef and is a must for those who appreciate something different.

Inland Koh Phi Phi bungalows

In land Koh Phi Phi bungalows are mainly centred around Phi Phi Don Village providing the majority of the rooms on Koh Phi Phi. The PP Casita has probably the best name for value for money but can be difficult to get into in high season with out early bookings. PP Casita is just 50 m from the beach. Other inland accommodation like JJ Bungalow is typical of a family run place with mountain views but still only 200m from Loh Dalum Bay.

Koh Phi Phi bungalows deals

The Koh Phi Phi Bungalow Deals page gives you what can be the best deals on the island. Some free night specials or fixed discounts can give up to 30 % savings. If you add this on to the low season prices which can be 50% cheaper than high season it is clear there can be some great deals if you judge your arrival dates well.

Last Updated: 12 May 2012