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Prior to me going to the island, I surfed the net for free night specials on Phi Phi. Lo and behold there were offers in Phi Phi that I never even though about. I was looking for the cheapest deal on Phi Phi and found the free night specials in the Phi Phi Low season and they were quite different to the high season.

Phi Phi Natural Resort

Phi Phi Natural Resort


The reason I was told, after I had visited Phi Phi island in July (low season), was that it gets full to capacity in high season and extremely full in the peak season which is from December the 20th to January 15thAnd . There are only about 3250 rooms on Phi Phi island and 8-10 million visitors a year (depending on the year) to Thailand and so when it full it is really full.

The strange thing was that the weather in July was great. We had fantastic days out on the boats out to Phi Phi Ley and Maya Bay, we had light winds and crystal clear skies perfect for taking pictures. On top of that we got a free night specials at the Phi Phi Natural Resort. Next door is the Zeavola Resort Phi Phi and I spoke to a couple who were staying there and they said they had the same free night special when they stayed at their accommodation. The more I looked around and asked the more I understood that the free night special was common on Phi Phi island. Like I say when we were there in July we have a fantastic time with blue skies every day for seven days. I don't know why anyone else would want to go in the high season if it's just going to be busier.

Great savings on Phi Phi Island

The free night specials on Phi Phi works like a bonus offer, the way I saw it. Some of the most famous resorts like Phi Phi Island Village Resort And Spa have different schemes on how they go about their free night specials on Phi Phi. A very common offer on free night specials on Phi Phi is that for every three paid nights they give out one night for free as this is the most common length of stay on Phi Phi island, and they even include breakfast. Other times they will throw in a spa package free or a free transfer, either way it is worth looking at the detail.

The free night specials on Phi Phi paid off and it really helped me save and enjoy more of what the island has to offer because I could stay longer. There are free night specials on Phi Phi during high season up but are far fewer . Phi has got one page where you can see all the islands best deals and free night specials on Phi Phi Island through out the year and this is certainly the most complete pages on the web I found.

I have always been fascinated by Thailand. The country is considered to be filled with both, the cultural and natural diversity that is not often seen in the west.

The mix between sun, shade and its people make the country exciting even more.

The Phi Phi islands were really an experience that has somehow altered my perception of beauty. I thought that beauty lies in the standards of what people think, but with Phi Phi, I found it difficult to express such brilliance. I was just awed by its magnificence.

I heard of this Phi Phi island from a travel show that I saw on TV, and what’s more, one of the principal islands of Phi Phi Ley was the onsite location of the movie The Beach.

The Phi Phi Islands are famous for its pristine beaches and clear blue waters with abundant wildlife. This is a perfect way to just unwind far from the realities of civilization.

Last Updated: 19 Mar 2012