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Cheap Charlies

Cheap Charlies

There are plenty of reasons to stay on Phi Phi Island. The beautiful scenery and lack of cars but also diving. Getting to the island can be costly, so many people save money on accommodation by searching for discount Phi Phi Island guesthouses. Spending less money on hotels leaves more available for diving excursions and there are plenty to choose from. Almost all discount Phi Phi Island guesthouses will offer diving tours.

Ivory Phi Phi, Cheap Charlies and PP Banthai Guesthouse have great discounts for divers and these are ideal for holiday makers, tourists and backpackers on a budget.

Discount Ivory Phi Phi

Ivory Phi Phi is one of the many discount Phi Phi Island hotels in Phi Phi Don Village. The two-three star guesthouse has interesting views of the market. If you are interested in Diving, this guesthouse does not have an adventure section. However, there's no need to be disappointed. Like many discount Phi Phi Island guesthouses, the Ivory Phi Phi is close to Dive schools, diving is still on the menu. The guesthouse features snorkeling tours.

Discount Cheap Charlies

Cheap Charlies stands out among discount guesthouses for two reasons. The first is because of its size - it has only three rooms, which means that you can be sure of personal service. The second reason that Cheap Charlies is one of the well known discount guesthouses is because it is a nerve centre for the island. It includes a bar where you can catch up on the latest news and sport, and an Internet cafe and is always busy. If you want to do some diving when staying at Cheap Charlies, you will be able to book a dive tour easily.

Discount PP Banthai Guesthouse

The PP Banthai Guesthouse is one of the well known discount Phi Phi Island guesthouses. Perhaps that's because of its central location. It's in the center of the island and like other discount guesthouses, it is close to Loh Dalum Beach. One of the advantages of central Phi Phi Island guesthouses is their proximity to shopping, restaurants and nightlife. Discount guesthouses are the night bazaar, as this one is, provide a range of evening activities for visitors to enjoy. The Phi Phi Hotel is close to several dive schools, so if diving is an activity you enjoy, there is plenty of choice. A day trip to the Ko Bida, described as some of the most spectacular diving in shallow water, may allow you to do some of the diving adventures that Phi Phi is so famous for.

Whether you're interested in diving or other outdoor activities, there is plenty of opportunity to indulge yourself in this scenic location. And when the dive excursion is finished, return to Phi Phi Island for an excellent seafood dinner.

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