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The Best Cheap Phi Phi Island Hotels

PP Casita

PP Casita

There are many cheap or inexpensive hotels on Koh Phi Phi. Phi Phi Island is a true tropical paradise and offers stunning rock formations rising from clear blue seas accompanied by beaches of fine, white sand. Those features alone are enough reason to want to go to the Island, but the availability of some of the best cheap hotels in the region put this destination squarely on the travelling scene.

Many cheap and good value Phi Phi Island hotels are available for the budget tourist or budget traveller. There are many discount hotels to be found at free night specials and low season is a great time to hunt for bargains as the hotels sell cheap rooms to stay busy.

There are many fun activities to do if you get tired of lying on the beautiful beaches. Climbing, snorkeling, and Scuba Diving, are all enjoyed with stunning views on top. With all those activities you won't want to break the on a budget by overspending on your hotel room, so you will need to find some cheap Phi Phi Island hotels. Cheap Phi Phi Island hotels are not hard to come by as there are many websites offering discounts on luxury hotels as well as a guide to the hotels at the budget end of the market. Here are a few cheap Phi Phi Island hotels to consider.

Cheap Phi Phi Island Hotels: Phi Phi Hotel

If you're looking for cheap Phi Phi Island Hotels, then Phi Phi Hotel is one of the most affordable, but you won't have to cut back on the amenities. Located in the center of the island, cheap Phi Phi Island hotels don't come much better than the Phi Phi Hotel. It has all the amenities you would expect from the larger hotels on the island, including a pool and children's pool, rooms with private balconies, satellite television and a view of the sea, which is absolutely essential. Phi Phi Hotel proves that cheap Phi Phi Island hotels can still give you a great holiday experience, as this hotel features snorkeling and is close to diving and water sports.The views of Tonsai Bay are very memorable

Cheap Phi Phi Island Hotels: Bay View Resort

Bay View Resort is different from many cheap Phi Phi Island hotels. In fact, it proves that you do not have to sacrifice privacy at cheap hotels on Phi Phi Island. At this hotel, you can stay in a secluded cottage with an excellent view of Phi Phi Ley island. You won't have to travel far to the beach; it's right at the front of the resort. Like other Phi Phi Island hotels, the Bay View Resort has cool drinks on tap, as well as fresh seafood. It is close to some of the main attractions on the island, including the neighboring Bamboo Island and Mosquito Island.

Cheap Phi Phi Island Hotels: PP Casita

PP Casita is one of the bare bones Phi Phi Island hotels, but this gives you much more freedom to do your own thing on the island. This 2.5 star resort is in the middle of Phi Phi Don Village and is close to the beach. There is no restaurant in this hotel, which leaves you free to sample the local cuisine. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from on the island. PP Casita may be one of the cheap Phi Phi Island hotels, but it still provides easy access to tours, diving and more.

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