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Panorama view of Lanah Bay on Phi Phi

Phi Phi Island Facebook is one of the key ways to get the heads-up on what is going on Phi Phi Island right now. If Facebook enters your lifestyle you will know all to well that if a Facebook page adds to your understanding of 'what's-up' it is valuable, if nothing is added to by the owners of the page then it's pretty useless as it is only reporting on what happened in the past.

There are many Phi Phi Island Facebook pages but the ones we have created here at and are Facebook Phi Phi Island and Facebook are the best and are a secondary arm of our main websites.

Phi Phi Island Facebook goes through what is happening now and what is being updated on the website so those that like the page get a daily feed of news and some top rate images of the islands, beaches and underwater scenes. This surely wets the appetite for a trip to the island or reminds you of what is being missed now it's been left. There is another Phi Phi Island Facebook at Koh Phi Phi Island and though some comments are left on it it is rarely used, it's authors or those who have liked it to answer any questions in full.

Phi Phi Island Facebook feedback

The great thing about's Phi Phi Island Facebook page is that there is near instant feedback so that questions about the island get some real time response. This is fun if you need to know 'how to get to Phi Phi from the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan', 'what diving to expect in June' 'what's the best time of yea to visit' or 'what's the best / most popular guesthouse' . The common trend of the Phi Phi Island Facebook page is to answer the question and give a link to the pages on that confirm it or elaborate in more detail. The Facebook page has only been established a short while and the speed of it's growth testifies to a popular formula.

Phi Phi Island Facebook and hotel information

Phi Phi Island Facebook page gives regular feedback information on the new resorts, hotels, hostels, guesthouses and dormitory accommodation. So when the prestigious resorts like the Zeavola Phi Phi Resort, Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island, Phi Phi Island Village Resort And Spa and Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel run a deal or a free night special you are sure to hear about it first here. The Phi Phi Island Facebook also highlights the best way to get a deal for all the other hotels, hostels, guesthouses and dormitories. This includes planning your trip using the best dates for the best prices and taking the right type of room for your budget.

Phi Phi Island Facebook

The Facebook page also looks at the various Phi Phi Island tours highlighting the ones that really make a memory. As the images of the bays and beaches go up, people like and tell the story of their time in paradise. It's a great shared moment.

Phi Phi Facebook Information

Other Facebook groups and pages about Phi Phi Island go into detail about the specific local tours likes 'Moskito Diving', 'Phi Phi Scuba', 'Phi PHi Rock Climbing', 'Phi Phi Party Crew', or bars like 'Slinkies Beach Bar', 'The Dojo' 'Apache Bar', 'Hippies' or 'Stones Bar'. All offer something different some further angle or more detail on what is one of Thailand most interesting holiday destinations.


Last Updated: 10 Sep 2012