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Garang Heng Diving

Phi Phi Island Diving | Diving at Garang Heng
White Starfish

Garang Heng is a remote dive location ideal for those busy high season days or when you feel like an explore with no other dive boats around. This submerged reef can be home to leopard shark and is covered with hard and soft corals at about 17-24m depth

Garan Heng location

This dive site is a completely submerged circular coral reef about 2km east of Phi Phi Ley. It's only visited by Phi Phi Dive companies and Livaboards so it's also a popular site since there are none of Phukets many dive boats here.

Garan Heng depth and marine life

The reef starts just 6m below the surface and goes down to it's deepest point at 24m. Famous for its large shoals of yellowtail barracuda, twin-spotted sea perch, fusiliers and blue-lined snapper and scorpionfish with a 99% chance to see Leopard Sharks.

The Reef itself consists of soft and hard corals, some barrel sponges, and lots of sea fans and anemones. It is an easy dive site with mild currents although visibility is often only average.

Garan Heng is just a short distace from the main dive pier in Tonsai Bay Phi Phi Don Village and the 12-15 minute ride takes you out past Long beach and the famous Shark Point where you can snorkel with black tip reef shark.

Garan Heng diving is quiet compared to other Phi Phi Dive sites and not often offered by Phi Phi Dive schools that prefer to make their dive days out on Koh Bida

Garang Heng Reef Basics: Submerged soft coral reef
Depth: 8 - 24m
Visibility: 5 - 15m
Currents: Gentle
Surface Conditions: Can be choppy
Water Temperature: 27 - 30C
Experience Level: Beginner - Intermediate
Number of dive sites: 1
Diving Season: All year round

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Last Updated: 28 May 2012