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Dive beginners on a Confined Water course in Phi Phi

Donít forget your basics, if itís been a while since your last dive you should take a Scuba Review. This means that you have done a PADI course or some other course of similar standing and need to refresh you mind on the equipment, the systems and the safety.

If itís been a while since your last dive we highly recommend taking a quick SCUBA Review, itís a quick refresher course (not pass or fail) of some of the critical skills you went through during your open water. Although many divers see this as another test itís definitely not. For a small number of divers it might be a case of reminding them of the correct steps to perform a skill, but for the vast majority itís all about renewing that original confidence that they can do the skills needed to enjoy the dive trip they have planned. It makes for a much more relaxing and enjoyable dive if you KNOW you can handle any situation.

Diving is Safe, in fact itís very safe! But at the end of the day the buck stops at you. Know your dive plan, dive within your own comfort zone and that of your dive training. Check your own equipment and that of your dive buddy.

Donít Hold your breath (keep breathing)
Plan Your Dive and Dive Your Plan.
Remember to always STOP, THINK, ACT! in that order.

Closest Re-compression Chamber

The closest re-compression chambers to Phi Phi Island are on Phuket. While these are rarely needed and should not be required if you follow your dive training itís nice to know that they are there. For the most part itís the dive proís that are most at risk, multiple dives every day and also changing levels quickly to assist multiple divers struggling to correct their buoyancy can sometimes take itís toll. (donít forget to tip your dive pro!).

Further Phi Phi Island Diving Safety points

We do recommend all divers have their own travel insurance policy which covers Scuba Diving, just as an extra precaution as itís better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.. All dive boat operators should carry emergency oxygen and first aid boxes which will be pointed out during each boat briefing (although when diving from a Longtail it is unlikely that oxygen will be carried and if it is, it will only be a limited supply). For non-diving accidents there is a basic medical centre in TonsaiVillage Hospital.

Last Updated: 02 Mar 2010

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Dive beginners on a Confined Water course in Phi Phi
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