Half Day Speedboat Tour to Maya Bay Phi Phi

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Half Day Speedboat Tour to Maya Bay Phi Phi


The government has closed off Maya Bay beach from 1st of June 2018. This is done to allow natural rejuvenation.

The itinerary will include Maya Bay reef and entrance where you will have a first class view of the famous beach.

Private Speedboat tours of Phi Phi are a sensational way to see a good part of the islands of Phi Phi. The speed means you can get to the best bays with a whoosh without the slow plod of the more traditional longtail or fishing boats.

The cliff scenery of Phi Phi Ley Island is inspiring. The vertical cliffs of the northern point of the island and the high tide overhangs make for a striking first impression of the island. Here on calm days, a few brave climbers attempt to scale the sheer wall having leaped precariously from the boat to the cliff.

On the western wall the cliffs run uninterrupted til they meet Maya Bay entrance. Here at high tide is a speedboat's paradise as the boats can literally push up on the sand. It can be busy here during the day and so it is best to arrange a leaving time from Phi Phi Don after 14.30 after the day trippers leave.

At Maya Bay there is a beautiful coral reef that has a wonderful variation of coral and marine life. I like the northern cliff reef near the entrance as the big boulders fallen from the cliffs many over thousands of years have made a labyrinth of stunning habitats where the schools of fish love to hide.

The other key sights on Phi Phi Ley are Loh Samah a beach at the head of a small bay and Pi Ley a Lagoon with almost Fjord like qualities. On returning home the Viking cave where they farm the birds nest for the famous soup can be seen from the speed boat.

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