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Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island

Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island is one of the most sought after destinations for people "in the know". Finding this exclusive holiday destination opens an amazing world of opportunity. When planning a holiday to Phi Phi Island, you will need to find the right hotel and Phi Phi Island Holiday Inn comes highly rated.

There are many options when it comes to choosing a Phi Phi Island hotel. Many travelers prefer to stay at a hotel with a name they are familiar with. Chain hotels are attractive to travelers and as of 2011 the Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island is the only one. What you get with the chain hotels is security and peace of mind. It is great to know that the hotel you choose as an international structure behind it guaranteeing standards and services.

The Phi Phi Island Holiday Inn is a popular hotel Laem Tong. The Phi Phi Holiday Inn is a favorite destination of honeymoon couples and business travelers alike. You are away from the noise and bustle of the Phi Phi Don Village area and here you can relax and let time and the sound of the sea calm the nerves and sooth the stresses of normal life.

Phi Phi Holiday Inn A great resort

The Phi Phi Holiday Inn has 2 characteristics that I love. The beach at Laem Tong is a glorious quiet get away, away from the cars and traffic of modern life and a to a place of comfort and interest. The local village has a time stood still feel to it as the local people go about their fishing and boat work as always.

The other stunning aspect of the Resort is the sunset deck. In no other Resort Hotel or Phi Phi Guesthouse do you get a sunset like this. After a 3 minute walk you come to the West side of Laem Tong. From here you can see the setting sun radiate over Lanah Bay and the cliffs of Phi Phi Don.... truly gorgeous.

Phi Phi Holiday Inn The Accommodations

This stunning Phi Phi Island hotel is a bungalow hotel. The bungalows all have private terraces/decks, private bathrooms, wonderful decor, air-conditioning and other amenities that make it a comfortable stay. The bungalows each have a king bed and a single bed making it comfortable for up to three guests.

There are also family bungalows at the Phi Phi Holiday Inn. These are connecting bungalows that each have a king size bed and single bed making it comfortable for 6 or more people depending on the ages of the guests.

Phi Phi Holiday Inn Amenities

The Phi Phi Holiday Inn is everything you would expect from a Phi Phi Island hotel. There are restaurant and bar options including the Tai Rom Prao Restaurant, Cha-Bah Seafood Barbecue, Mong Thalay Bar and Sunset Satay Bar.

There are many great things to do at this Phi Phi Island hotel including visiting the game room, fitness center, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, saunas, tennis courts, massage chairs and more. You can go snorkeling, boating, enjoy water sports and a host of other activities while staying at the Phi Phi Holiday Inn. The islands in front of the hotel are the Bamboo Island and Mosquito Island are are fun to explore.

Travelers looking for a cost-effective Phi Phi Island hotel should consider staying at the Holiday Inn Phi Phi Island. This Phi Phi Island hotel has all of the comforts you would expect and the service required by the Holiday Inn chain.

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