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All suite resort rises on Phi Phi

Zeavola Phi Phi Resort

Zeavola Phi Phi Resort

Not many boutique resorts nowadays can boast of offering their guests an honest rural Thai experience with high-end amenities fitted in each villa to make their stay in the Land of Smiles a pleasant and memorable one. At the Zeavola Phi Phi Resort you find this and many more surprises.

Zeavola Phi Phi Resort, an all-suite resort and spa, located on the northern tip of Phi-Phi Islands, Krabi province, is hoping to be just that.

Due to open July 1, its managing director, Quanchai Panitpichetvong, is confident that the unique concept of this 52-suite resort will go well with high-end free independent travellers (FIT) and honeymoon couples in both Europe and Asia.

Zeavola Phi Phi Resort, which derives its name from the exotic Scaevola Taccada (Half Flower) tree, better know in the kingdom as Rak Talay (loving the sea), will transport visitors to the rich cultural heritage of rural Thailand that could only be found on the banks of the Chao Phraya River 50 years ago.

The inspiration for the Zeavola Phi Phi Resort

The exotic nature of the Thai rural scheme of that time is implied in each nook and cranny of the resort's wooden architecture. "I am very particular about the smallest details involved in making Zeavola Phi Phi Resort a destination where guests can truly marvel the charms of rural Thailand, so special furniture had to be designed," said the seasoned traveller. "It's like hosting our guests at home. I have made certain that all state-of-the-art technology like computers and DVD players are out of sight of guests so they can truly experience a rustic ambiance found only in the most remote rural areas of Thailand."

Housed on a prime location up a mountain, its panoramic sea view from the villas that are divided into three categories: Zeavola Suite, Beach Front Suite and the Garden Hillside Suites, will offer five-star comfort that Quanchai believes will cater to a niche market of travellers that are looking for an alternative experience.

Having been in the hospitality business for a decade, the Thai entrepreneur came up with the rural Thai charm concept two years ago after studying from surveys that most high end hotels tourists preferred rural experience to the urban one, but were often deterred because of the discomfort that came with it. Having extensively studied the framework of Thai rural settlements, Quanchai believes that the village-style resort will include the most minute details, such as the various types of door knobs to the house number.

The ambience that guests can get in each of these villas, made entirely of wood, is similar to what one would find in a Thai village, but with added comfort. Each room has an art theme to it and a private garden. The different styles of villas include a duplex with separate living room with pool, and spacious bathroom. The beachfront villas have a private garden and spacious bedroom, while the Garden Hillside is more distinctly designed for ensuite sunbathing. Being highly allergic to synthetic fragrances himself, Quanchai has personally seen to it that the resort will have aroma derived from natural products.

The location and setting for the Zeavola Phi Phi Resort

Amidst the rural setting, Zeavola Phi Phi Resort will have two restaurants, Baxil and Tacada, which will be dishing out authentic Italian, Thai and international cuisines. It will be offering round the clock in-room service. Dishes will be served in ceramic tiffin carriers with elegant Thai embroideries on them. Every afternoon guests will be served Thai delights brought right to the door steps of their villas. In an attempt to make breakfast exciting, Quanchai said a number of Thai breakfast dishes will also be presented with all the trimmings.

Quanchai has set up the Zeavola Phi Phi Resort Diving/Sport Centre called Zann Zanook that will be offering complimentary snorkelling and non-motorised watersports equipment to guests. The Zeavola Spa is shaping up well. Horwarth Spa Consultancy has been hired to put in place an exciting series of treatments based on rural Thai remedies.

Currently 80% of the property, which can be reached approximately within an hour by speed boat from either Phuket or Krabi, has been completed. The only concrete found in the villas will be in the bathrooms, so every six months, the wooden structures have to be polished. Service-minded staff, numbering 170, have been recruited to ensure success. Up to three people are needed to maintain one villa, so periodical staff training is of tantamount importance. So far approximately 400 million baht has been invested into this optimistic business endeavour for which everything has to be brought in from outside.

By the time it's fully built that figure could up by another 50 million baht. "Everything has to be purchased from outside," explained Quanchai. 'Being an island, we need to generate our own electricity and state-of-the-art water treatment system that was imported from Japan. About 40 million baht has been set aside to ensure that Zeavola is environmental friendly. Some near extinct local trees and flowers will be grown on 15 rai of the 24 rai property."

Photos of Zeavola Phi Phi Resort