Gypsy Bungalows 1

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Gypsy Bungalows 1

Overview of Gypsy Bungalows 1

The Gypsy Bungalows 1 cover 3 sides of a square and this low rise mini resort is a comfortable getaway for the traveler and wants to spend time on one of the world's most exciting island destinations.

The simple bungalows created around 1990 and have remained unchanged except for the improvements to the linen and paint work.

Owned and run by a traditional and local family, staying at the Gypsy Bungalows 1 all have a true glimpse of the way Phi Phi island has existed for a longtime.

These who have long time been the cheapest bungalows on Phi Phi Island.

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Last updated on 20 Feb 2014.