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Phi Phi Blue View Divers Center

Diving, Koh Phi Phi
Blue View Divers Open Water Course

The Blue View Divers dive center is located in Loh Dalum Bay, overlooking the Andaman Sea, on Phi Phi Island.

The dive center is open since 2005, is a member of the SSS Chamber Network, is fully insured with AIG, and has all the safety equipment associated with diving and water sports. They are also a registered PADI Resort Dive Centre R-36215, and a SSI Resort Dive Centre 9337.

Blue View Divers on Phi Phi offer a full range of PADI and SSI courses and guided dives on the local reefs. The location of the shop also enables us to dive different areas around Phi Phi Island. They have access to the resort pool for training which makes the introduction to diving much easier and user friendly.

Last Updated: 05 Sep 2011