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Phi Phi Maya Bay

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Maya Bay Phi Phi Island

Some people come to Phi Phi Island just to see this one place. Maya Bay was used to shoot the movie, "The Beach" starring Leonardo Di Caprio.

Having a look from afar at the scenery already from the main Phi Phi ferry transfer from Phuket to Phi Phi it is easily understandable why Maya Bay is considered the jewel of Phi Phi island and one of the prettiest places in the world.

To see Maya Bay at it's best however, is at sunrise and sunset on a full tide; halfday trips can be organzied without hassle from Phi Phi Island.

The surrounding sheer cliffs are magnificent and the warm seas and outstanding coral reef are a must for divers, snorkelers, kayakers and sightseers.

Most people assume that Maya Bay is just one beach but there are three beaches, two of which are very quiet in comparison to the main beach. There are some interesting little inlets and rock formations for the kayaker and snorkeler alike.

Last Updated: 05 Sep 2011