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Phi Phi Island Realestate | Phi Phi Island real estate

Property is not easy to acquire on Phi Phi island as Phi Phi real estate is highly sought after and carefully guarded by the original local owners. The Phi Phi Hotel group has bought alot of Phi Phi Real estate on the Island and now runs 4 successful hotels.

Prime Real Estate

For any of you who have been to Phi Phi Don you will know that this will be prime real estate with an immediate re sale or rental market virtually guaranteed.

There is very little flat real estate in the Phi Phi Don Village available for sale and all that exists is owned by resorts and hoteliers. Some of the other bays and beaches on Phi Phi Island have land for sale but the prices often do not match the land titles of ownership.

Since the tsunami in 2004 the development has moved away from the main Phi Phi Pier and is following the road up to the government village, the road starting near the village reservoir.

Thailand land title Law

The land titles available are as follows:

Sor Kor 1This is the certificate to show the right to the land. Por Bor Tor 6 This is proof that tax has been paid to the Thai government. Nor Sor Sam This title shows that the holder has legal right to the land and can be used for the benefit of the owner. The problem with this land is that it is defined by maps of 1:50000 and does not set the boundaries with other parcels of land. Nor Sor Sam GorIs the the same as Nor Sor Sam but that it has in addition the verification of land near by. It is possible to partition this land.The problem with this land is that it is defined by maps of 1:50000.

Land Tittle Deed or Chanote

This the certificate of ownership of land and as such is the most respected land title. It is mapped out and physically pegged on location of the land.

Upgrading Thai land titles

This can be done and would take place in Krabi town at the Municipal Land Office.

80 meter law

You are not able to build over 80m. There is a rumor as of May that there will be a new height restriction of 100 meters.

Last Updated: 05 Mar 2010