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King Cruiser Wreck Diving

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Last Updated: 03 Mar 2010

King Cruiser Wreck was an old car ferry which sunk after hitting Anemone Reef and now provides the best wreck dive around Phi Phi Island. Located to the west of Phi Phi Island about half way to Phuket, itís the largest wreck accessible to recreation divers in the area at 85 meters in length... read more.

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King Cruiser Wreck Diving



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Fish protecting his turf on the King Cruiser Wreck
Original toilets on the King Cruiser Wreck near Phi Phi
King Cruiser Wreck underwater toilets
King Cruiser Wreck Diving
King Cruiser was a car ferry that sank in 1997 and has made the perfect Wreck Diving, close to Phi Phi Don Island. All the main Phi Phi dive operators choose this as one of their primary dive location, weather permitting. As you can see from the images there is a wonderful variety of marin

King Cruiser Sinking In 1997



Gallery Photos
Passengers getting on life rafts while King Cruiser is sinking
Passenger rescue from the sinking Phi Phi King Cruiser ferry
Heavy listing King Cruiser ferry near Phi Phi Island
King Cruiser ferry Phi Phi sinking and taking on water fast
One very popular dive site in Phi Phi is the "King Cruiser" wreck dive. This wreck is a 285 foot ferry that sank in 1997, after hitting the top of the Anemone reef on the way to Phi Phi. Fortunately, all passengers were safely brought ashore; however, the ship remains upright in 32 meters