Phi Phi Island Transport Images


Shared Speedboat Ferry

Transport, Koh Phi Phi

Do you want to get to Koh Phi Phi fast and with no fuss? The Speedboat Ferry Shared from Phuket & Krabi to Koh Phi Phi gets you to your destination fast and in style, cutting the normal ferry time in half. In Phuket you start at the smart government Rasada Pier, your bags are stowed and you are lead to your seats. Sit back and relax as you speed past Maiton Island on the right and have views of the Phang Nga Bay and Koh Tao Yai on your left.

As you approach Phi Phi the cliffs of Phi Phi Don rear up in front of you. To your right you see the impressive Phi Phi Ley where the famous Maya Bay is hid.

On the main pier of the village you disembark to be greeted by your accommodation representatives who escort you to your hotel.

You can add this shared Speedboat Ferry to an airport transfer or a beach resort pick up.

If those who want a want to take a private speedboat to Koh Phi Phi please follow the link.

Last Updated: 24 Dec 2019