Sunset Snorkeling Tour of Phi Phi Ley

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Sunset Snorkeling Tour of Phi Phi Ley


A tropical sunset on Phi Phi Island is the stuff of magic, the dreams on those lazy days in the office when "life could be better". The Sunset Tour of Phi Phi Ley is the culmination of a series of best, best time of the day, best itinerary and best views. This really is a cracking tour.

The half day starts in the afternoon when the sun is losing its power. Everybody is lead to the boat on the ferry pier where you board a large old converted and wooden fishing boat with plenty of character. As you slowly potter out to Phi Phi Ley you take in the majesty of the scenery. Sheer cliffs topped by jungle covered summits that plunge straight into the aqua marine sea and coral reef.

The tour takes you past the Viking cave where they farm the birds nest for the Chinese delicacy and then on to Pi Ley where there is snorkeling and kayaking. From Loh Samah you embark on a short walk (250 meters) from Loh Samah bay to Maya Bay Beach. On your return you swim or snorkel in Loh Samah before heading down south to see the tropical sunset that gives the tour its name.

The beauty of Maya Bay was not lost on the makers of the movie "The Beach " which starred Leonardo Di Caprio. They placed this beach on Phi Phi Island dead smack in the center of the movie and this has made the islands very famous. This is one of Thailand's top 10 places to visit.

This tour gets back as twilight surrounds the Phi Phi Islands.... a memorable tour on a memorable island.

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